Welcome to Purple Land

We are here to add purple color to your world!

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Purple Land is our home. It's where we meet, think and create. It's where our ideas are born. It's a magic land. And we are true children of our land. We enjoy life and believe in miracles. We know how to work and how to have fun. We are the Purple People.

What makes us so special

  • You are not our client. You are a dear guest in our Land. And we treat guests with utmost attention and respect.
  • We don't work. We explore, we dream, we reach the limits of our imagination.
  • Expect just an idea? You will get a whole new adventure!
  • At the end we won't sell you an ad. We will tell you a story, a fairytale.

About Us

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What does it take to be purple? A rare talent? No, it's just the immense love and passion for what you are doing.

Purple people are members of a family, rather than a team. Here friendship and mutual help are more important than competition. Ideas are born, while having fun and executed with devotion. Purple people don't work, they fulfil their dreams.

If you want to be one of the Purple, there's a very easy way. No special qualities needed. Only love your job and do it with pleasure.

Message from the leader

"People are the most precious asset of our Purple Land. We sell ideas, but they are created by the people. Without them, we have nothing. And the Leader's job is to make them happy. Because only happy people add beauty to ideas."

Lilly - Leader

Our Services


So, you have a unique product, or a service? Want to advertise them in an equally incredible manner? Here your search ends.

We won't just offer you the most appropriate media channels. We will create new ones, that you never assumed existed. We will use them in a way nobody has ever suggested before. It's not enough to suprise you. Our job is well done only when you are fascinated.

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Your opinion is important for us! No matter whether you'll suggest improvements, flatter or criticize, just share.

Mailing Address
6 Baba Nedelya street,
Sofia, 1463
Tel: 02 950 67 25